Friday, June 24, 2011

Viewing a single ledger

Method 1 :

Use PivotTable operation.

Method 2 :

1. Make a copy of the data entry sheet.
2. Perform the following actions on the copy sheet.
2.1 Sort the data based on column Accounts, then by column Date.
2.2 Make the data in filtering mode.
2.3 Select a single Accounts.
3. You can delete the sheet because you can always rebuild easily.

Method 3 :

1. Do the following operation on the data entry sheet.
1.1 Make the data in filtering mode.
1.2 Select a single Accounts.
2. With this method, the data is not sorted, so rows will appear in its original order.
3. Don't forget to remove the Filtering mode.

Selecting the ledger for copying

If error is found in the ledger

Potential error in the ledger

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